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Super Mario Odyssey

I picked up Super Mario Odyssey on release day because, while platformers are not my favorite genre, Mario games are a genre unto itself. I played through Super Mario Galaxy twice because it was an awesome game: the gravity mechanic was cool without being overwhelming and the music was equally amazing.

To be honest, I wasn’t super excited about the Cappy mechanic (i.e. throwing your hat at things to become them) when I first heard about it. But playing the game, I found the experience buttery smooth and allowed presenting new challenges that leveraged the mechanics of the captured creature. By the end of the game, I even had favorite type of creature to capture: any that let me glide or fly around because I suck at platforming so flying/gliding was liberating.

All in all, Odyssey is an amazing game and while it could be seen as just another iteration on the Mario series it makes some meaningful departures into new areas. For example, the New Donk City segment and the finale to that area was mind-bogglingly cool and jazzy! 🎺🎸🥁🎤

I was planning to have Odyssey tide me over through December 1st – when Xenoblade Chronicles 2 comes out – but I hit the “first ending” of the game after week. Fortunately, the game doesn’t end there and while collecting more moons sounds like a chore, it really, really isn’t! I think I can squeeze enough out of this one to get me close to the most magical day of 2017!

KotlinConf Wrap Up

The first KotlinConf has come and gone and it was a blast to attend the two day conference on this budding language. The conference featured a nice blend of introductory talks introducing people to Kotlin and how speakers socialized the Java to Kotlin transition at their companies, talks about cool things you can do with Kotlin now, and updates on exciting new features like Kotlin/Native that will one day hopefully let me code for iOS in Kotlin!

One thing that stuck out to me was during a talk on co-routines, the speaker said the co-routine feature was experimental but that it was ready for prime-time and any updates would not break existing usage of the feature. Any API changes would flag old methods as deprecated. This seems a lot friendly then the updating process on another popular mobile development platform.

Call to Read: The Broken Earth

There are three books in N.K. Jemisin’s fabulous trilogy: The Broken Earth. Reviews calling the series a triumphant achievement in fantasy literature are not exagerrating how amazing the series is. I slammed away a book a week because it was difficult to put down this series. If you’re looking for a health blend of sci-fi, adventure, mystery, and sociology check out this series! Major kudos to Jemisin for crafting this masterpiece!

On Hair in 中文

The latest Chinese school unit we’re covering is about visiting a hair salon and getting a hair cut. This is something I’m highly unfamiliar given my baldness. But tasked with writing a story about an unhappy customer (顧客) and a salon manager (經理), one must take the challenge head on to produce a relevant and entertaining story!

顧客: 你好!我不高興,我很生氣。我要投訴。
經理: 對不起。 怎麼回事啊?
顧客: 你看我的頭。我沒有頭髮!
經理: 對!你的髮型很漂亮。你不滿意嗎?
顧客: 我不滿意! 我想我的頭髮剪短。可是髮師剪掉所有我的頭髮。
經理: 沒關係,你覺得你的頭髮很難看。我幫你。你要找一個女朋友?
顧客: 對我要找一個女朋友!我跟我的朋友一樣聰明和漂亮,可是他有一個太太,我沒有。如果他可以找到一個女人,我也應該可以!
經理: 對!你很帥和你的髮型很漂亮!我有一个女儿, 她没有男朋友。 她也是聰明和漂亮 。
顧客: 真的嗎?
經理: 真的!
顧客: 如果我們見面,我們就會結婚!
經理: 很好! 你跟她一樣沒有頭髮。太好了!
顧客: !!!!

Meio Dia e Que?

Tina está aprendendo português e enquanto meu português não é perfeito eu aprendi uma coisa o outra dia na aula dela!

A minda vida inteira, ás 12:30 PM, quando alguem me perguntava “Que hora é?” eu sempre respondi, “Meio dia e meio.” Más isso não e correto! Até os meus pais dizem “Meio dia e meio!”

Porque estamos a falar sobre meia de uma hora (substantivo feminino) é correto para dizer, “Meio dia e meia.” Dia é masculino e isso é porque incorretamente dizemos meio. Com 12:30 AM porque noite é feminino e meia é feminino naturalmente não erramos quando dizemos “Meia noite e meia.”