The Date is Set!

16 June 2015

The day will be December 4th, 2015. The sadness of not knowing when Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming to North America is over. It has been replaced by both sadness and anticipation that it’s a little under half a year away.

There were a lot of exciting announcements at this year’s E3, but a release date out of the Nintendo and Monolith Soft camp is all I wanted. We even got another trailer that features those iconic Hiroyuki Sawano-esque vocals right when you have robots epically gliding over water!


Pro Bash Profiling

10 June 2015

My Bash profile is critical to keeping me elite on the command-line. Keeping myself elite across multiple computers is also very easy with Dropbox (or your file syncing service du jour). Then I create a very, very simple .bash_profile that looks like this:

~ cat .bash_profile

source ~/Dropbox/Bash/

This grabs the contents of from a folder in my Dropbox and effectively puts it in the .bash_profile file. What does look like?

~ cat ~/Dropbox/Bash/ 

# Git Power Up!
source ~/Dropbox/Bash/

# Android
source ~/Dropbox/Bash/

# Evernote
source ~/Dropbox/Bash/

# The rest including everything and the kitchen sink...

I separate things out a little more to keep things modular and keep similar functionality together, which makes everything a little easier to both maintain and read.

I don’t update these files very often, but anytime I do, it’ll get synced automagically. The sad days of typing a new alias on a computer and seeing “command not found” are gone!

Came here looking for awesome Bash profile aliases? Check out Nate Landau’s extremely OP Bash profile for some excellent Bash profiling!

Happy Bash profiling!

Running in Japan

08 June 2015

I’m heading home today. I did and saw a lot in Japan. One thing I’m really happy I did in Japan was run.

A run around The Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Running in the morning was a great way to start my days and do a bit of drive-by sight-seeing. Not only did running make me feel less terrible about all the food and beer I was consuming, it let me get lost in a new place. Each morning, I’d pick a direction or landmark and run. If I saw something cool I’d take a break, snap a picture, and get back to it.

Sights to see! Zōjō-ji and Tokyo Tower

With 80+ miles (humblebrag) logged of running in Japan, here are some tips on running in Japan:

  • In Tokyo, run around parks or The Imperial Palace so you can avoid intersections where you may need to wait a while.
  • Avoid running inside parks because it’s usually not allowed.
  • Learn to bow while running. When running past police officers, I sometimes did a running bow and greeted them. I think they appreciated it.
  • Bring a camera! You probably are already using a running app to track your run so you already have a camera on you.
  • In Kyoto, the Kamo River cuts the city in half. The path along the river is great for running.
  • Bring a data-connected phone because you will likely get lost. Google Maps will make sure your 8 mile run doesn’t end 8 miles from where you’re staying!
  • If you’re running during rush hours, avoid major train stations and streets since they’ll be filled with people walking.
  • Don’t expect to set any records. I was stopping frequently to snap photos of all the nice scenes I was running past.
  • Tokyo is big. If you want to be somewhere centrally located, check out Akasaka. From there you have a lot of directions to branch out.
  • Stop by a French bakery in a train station after your run and deliciously undo your one hour run in five minutes!

Happy running wherever you are!

Japan is Cool, But...

04 June 2015

My month-long excursion to Japan is winding down. It’s been a blast! Japan is a great country filled with wonderfully awesome people, wonderfully clean toilets, and wonderfully delicious food.

Japan is so beautiful...

But if I told everyone everything is all sunshine and rainbows here, people would be a bit skeptical of my assessment so here’s a very serious list of things that slightly irk absolutely infuriate me about Japan.

WASTED PACKAGING - Man, Japanese people LOVE packaging. Bought a piece of bread? It’ll get put in a little plastic bag and then that will get put in a bigger plastic bag. Bought a small jar of pickled sakura? Let me wrap it in fancy wrapping paper and then put it in a small plastic bag and then put that bag in another plastic bag.

NO TRASH CANS - This makes how ridiculously clean Japan is even more amazing. There are so few trash cans anywhere so I found myself carrying my trash around with me until I found a convenience store. Even the places I was staying at only had very small trash cans!

CASH-LOVING COUNTRY - For a country that is be such a technological powerhouse, it’s a damn shame I had to carry cash around with me all the time because most places just take cash.

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All Hail the Angel Soft!

20 May 2015

During my visit to South Korea in 2013, I discovered the Korean bakery Tous les Jours and their wonderfully amazing THE+ Milk Bread. But I think I found a new pastry to claim the title of Mark’s Favorite Baked Thing! How did this fortuitous discovery happen?

First, visit one of the 255 Vie de France cafés in Japan.

Vie de France at Tameikesanno Station

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