The NEW iPad Mini 3

16 October 2014

Today, Apple unveiled new iPads. This included an update to the iPad Mini: the iPad Mini 3. The older iPad Mini 2 got a $100 price cut too. Now, let’s play a game. One year after the iPad Mini 2 was released, what’s new in the iPad Mini 3? Here is a picture compiled from the comparison chart Apple provides on its site.

If you got to the end, and found that (aside from price) the only new thing in the iPad Mini 3 is Touch ID (Fingerprint identity sensor), you’ve won the game! Huzzah! Today felt more like a price-drop announcement for the iPad Mini 2 than the unveiling of a new and awesome iPad Mini 3.

QR Codes Suck

06 October 2014

It could always get better, but as things stand right now, QR codes suck. Here’s my most recent GOD-AWFUL experience with QR codes. I was at my favorite bubble tea place in the world: ShareTea in San Mateo. While waiting for my drink to be brought down from heaven by angels, I saw a sign posted on the wall.

I thought to myself, “Hell yeah! I’ll follow you on Instagram.” I pulled out my iPhone, launched the Camera app, pointed it at the QR code, and waited. Nothing. I launched Instagram, switched to camera mode, and repeated. Nothing.

Stuff just isn’t right here!

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A Taste of Portugal

28 September 2014

A lot of people always ask me, “What do Portuguese people eat?” I usually just say, “We eat A LOT!” But for those unsatisfied with that answer, here are some of the things I ate during a recent visit to my Portuguese family in New Jersey.

Papo Seco com manteiga- The Portuguese Roll (papo seco) is bread in its supreme form. My ideal Portuguese breakfast is a toasted and buttered (manteiga) Portuguese Roll with a glass of soy milk. Delicious!

Caldo Verde - A quintessential Portuguese dish consisting of potatoes, collard greens, and usually sausage (chouriço). This soup is normally served at parties and celebrations, but, growing up, my family served it at Sunday dinners. The soup pairs really well with broa (Portuguese cornbread), but I always ate mine with a Portuguese Roll.

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Laghdú Reviewed

20 September 2014

During my visit to NJ, I convinced my former thesis advisor, Dan Trueman, that it’d be a good idea to hang out with me. He fell for it! A few days later, I sat in his office and we had a pleasant talk about all sorts of things. But at some point my eyes wandered to a beautiful folded piece of paper held together by two equally beautiful, yellow rubber bands. What is this wonderful machination? I reached out for it. I was touching pure beauty

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Guessing the GSL Season 3 Champion

17 September 2014

GOM eXP -- the company that hosts Korea's StarCraft World Championship Series -- challenged fans to guess which players Artosis and Tasteless predicted to win the tournament. Here's what they told us:

  • Artosis and Tasteless made their predictions before the round of 16 began.
  • Pick one Zerg who couldn’t advance to the round of 8.
  • Pick one Protoss who did advance to the round of 8.

Results from the round of 16 courtesy of Liquipedia.

We start with sixteen potential candidates, but we can narrow down the choices down significantly. The Zergs who didn’t advance are Soulkey, Effort, True. The Protoss who advanced were Zest, Rain, Stats.

My guess is Tasteless picked Effort and Artosis picked Rain.

Tasteless has been super passionate about Effort who he says is back in “Brood War” shape. Tasteless is also a lot more passionate about Brood War because sometime recently he apparently lost his passion.

Artosis – a.k.a. Captain Safety – loves Rain’s super-safe play. Also, on the first day of the round of 8, Artosis has been saying Rain is going to make it to the finals and take it all. That said, he could just be trolling everyone…

What do you think? Share your guess on the GOM eXP Facebook page or tweet at me about how I lost my passion for writing sensical and relevant blog posts.

Update! I was half right. Artosis picked Rain, but Tasteless picked True!