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Need it fresh? An up-to-date, more detailed version of my resume (including PDF) is available on GitHub.



Technical Projects

  • ChuckPad
    • ChuckPad is a service enabling users to create, curate, and share generated code from client apps like MiniAudicle. The service is intended to promote education, enthusiasm, and discovery of content in apps like MiniAudicle. Published in New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) Conference 2017. Check out the published paper, the server code, and iOS client library.
  • SoundCraft
    • Developed and published a framework that enables real-time data gathering from a StarCraft 2 game, allowing for musical interpretation of the game’s internal structure and strategies in novel ways. Published in New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) Conference 2013. Check out the published paper and the source code.
  • Laptop Orchestra Network Toolkit (LOrkNeT) - Senior Thesis Research at Princeton
    • Developed a toolkit to evaluate networking for live computer music performance. LOrkNeT was used to identify and remedy issues affecting the Princeton Laptop Orchestra. Learn more about my senior thesis at
  • Check out more of my stuff on the Projects page!

What makes me a unique snowflake

  • Led workshops on mobile computing at Stanford University and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.
  • Guest speaker at General Assembly SF.
  • Active blogger about video games, food, and technology on
  • Active Yelper: 375 reviews, 1809 photos, and counting.
  • Bronze league Protoss hero in StarCraft 2.
  • Enjoys running. Personal record: ran the Big Sur Half Marathon 2015 in 1:36:30.
  • Kendo practitioner (1-kyu) with the San Francisco Kendo Dojo and Stanford Kendo Club.
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese, conversational in Spanish, scrappy Mandarin.