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On Not Being Fat Anymore

I used to be really fat. At my worst, I weighed 255 pounds and my doctor was telling me I should do something about my high cholesterol and high blood pressure – an indirect way of telling me I’m a fat ass. And then I did something about it. Today, I’ve lost a third of my former self, have the blood pressure of an athlete, and my doctor can finally stop looking for medical euphemisms for “fat ass.”

Shedding some pounds in 2013: early May to late December.

I don’t have some secret diet or exercise plan. I just started eating less, moving more, and lifting heavy things. Progress is slow and takes time; nothing magical will happen overnight or even over a month. Weight loss is a never-ending journey: I’ve reached my goals, but continue to remain vigilant about my health because I absolutely refuse to go back. For the first time ever I feel comfortable in my own skin, and I only want to get stronger. I’m challenging myself to run longer and faster, to improve my kendo, and to lift heavier. In short, it feels good, so I’m going to keep being healthy.