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Mission Accomplished

I did some running leading up to the Spartan Beast in early August, and while I’m no junky for runner’s high, I ended up really enjoying that portion of my training. Following the Spartan, I kept running, and as August came to a close, I decided to give myself a challenge: run 100 miles in September. Previously, my longest distance covered in a month was about 70 miles, so the goal here was to increase distance. Armed with a playlist of Final Fantasy battle music, I can trick myself into doing anything. Well, October’s here already, so this is how it went.

September's Running Log

I use MapMyRun to track my runs. It lets me know how far I've run, how fast, and maintains a history of all my workouts. Tracking my runs fulfills a nerdy sense of satisfaction. Here are some stats for September:

  • Total distance: 100.24 miles
  • Number of runs: 18
  • Average distance per run: 5.56 miles
  • Average pace: 9:05 minutes per mile
  • Longest run: 13.17 miles (half marathon, baby!) on 9/2
  • Calories burned: ~12,800 calories

I barely made the mark, but I’m happy to say – mission accomplished! October’s goals are less concrete, but still involve running. I want to do runs where I focus on moving faster and keeping all my splits comfortably under 9 minutes. I also want to incorporate some high intensity interval training to work on building a more robust endurance. See you in a month, and happy training!