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Taking Kickstarter to Court: Follow Up

Earlier this month, I did an audit of all the Kickstarter projects I backed. I found four projects to be extremely behind schedule with posting updates.

  1. Help Support Beekeeping
  2. Mars: Daedalus Two – A Sci-Fi Graphic Novel
  4. The Sons of StarCraft

I shared my findings with Kickstarter, ANIMUSIC, and Sons of StarCraft on Twitter (the other two of the projects aren’t Twitter-cool yet). After all, the Internet is made for sharing your displeasure with as many people as possible.

Update: It pays to call people out when they have scumbag moments… that last over 6 months. Two of the four rotten eggs have come forward.

1. Jeffrey Morris of the Mars: Daedalus Two project posted an update ten hours after the tweets were dispatched apologizing about the delay in finishing his comic. Jeffrey goes on to say:

SCREW THAT, JEFFREY! I gave you money first so what I want takes precedence over EVERYTHING.

2. The ANIMUSIC team sent a much-needed update six days after my blog post claimed they didn't "have an ounce of freaking DECENCY." The team says they are sorry about the delays and find their backers' desire for more consistent updates understandable. And also:

You're very welcome! Really — it's MY pleasure! Now quiet down with your excuses and go finish your project.