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The Final Fantasy X|X-2 Remaster is Amazing

I rarely replay games. My video game backlog is huge, and I've come to terms that some games just aren't going to get played until I retire to my parent's basement and live out the remaining days of my life as a quiet, video-game-pounding nerd. Even with the weight of a massive backlog on my shoulders, replaying Final Fantasy X and X-2 has been a wonderful experience. A lot of love was put into this remaster. Square Enix didn't just bump the polygon count, slap HD on the cover art, and ship it. This is a true remaster, including a remastered soundtrack for FFX that I really enjoyed given my passion for video game music.

People knock both games. FFX is hated for the childish and whiney Tidus. The awkward laughing scene is ALWAYS brought up when people make fun of FFX, yet it isn’t awkward at all if properly contextualized. Yet despite all these supposed flaws, FFX tells a wonderful and heartbreaking story, with amazing gameplay to back it up. FFX-2 gets knocked for being too much like Charlie’s Angels set in the Final Fantasy universe. Yet, the game takes many brave departures from the prequel and executes well across the board. Following Yuna as she struggles to come to terms with the loss of Tidus, in a world she radically changed with his help, and the hope that she may find him again makes for an interesting story.

If you like JRPGs and never played FFX or FFX-2, go get a copy of the remaster now! Playing both the PS3 and PS Vita version, I found myself playing on the Vita a lot more. Yes, the PS3 version looks a bit nicer, but the Vita version actually looks great. There is cross-save functionality so you can switch between the two if you want to play on both platforms. Some would think I would regret spending valuable video-game-playing-time revisiting Spira, but I have ZERO regrets about replaying both of these gems.