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iOS Keyboard Woes

I’m sad to say my wildest WWDC fantasy did not come true last week. After Tim Cook and team unveiled a slew of new APIs, a new programming language, OS X Yosemite, and iOS 8, which includes a new, cooler keyboard, I was hoping the time of reckoning was upon us. Alas, I was wrong. iOS 8 does not fix the keyboard’s shift key.

But wait! What’s wrong with the shift key? I’ll tell you what. I’m having a hard time determining when the shift key is on or off. Think I’m making this up? Give it a shot yourself!

Is shift key enabled on the left or right?

Answer: the shift key is enabled on the left, disabled on the right. I asked some friends and coworkers and I’m not the only one who got this question wrong. What’s most upsetting and downright disappointing is things were a lot better in iOS 6.

It's a lot easier on iOS 6.

Easy. It’s on when it’s lit up, and it’s off when it’s not. But you know what’s even better than iOS 6? Here comes a special moment where Android does something better than iOS.

Shockingly and amazingly straightforward!

With Android, there isn’t just one key to tell you if the shift key is enabled. When the shift key is enabled all alphabetical characters become capitalized. It’s actually “what you see is what you get.” It’s much more unambiguous and it’s awesome.

Oh wells… There’s always iOS 9.