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Unbelievably Lazy Sex Robot

It all started with a clearly unassuming instant message.

It's my lucky day!!!

Seriously, sex robot!? It’s been 17 years since AOL Instant Messenger was released, and this is your best shot? Referring to me as “stud or lovely lady” and then assuring me (with improper grammar to boot) that “this is really myself” is just unbelievably lazy. Or perhaps, like email spammers, the sex robots just want really gullible people to click on their links.

That said, there is something pretty cool (i.e. devious) going on here. The link to this sex robot’s website contains my username as the query string (e.g. Anyone who clicks on the link will not only get some unwanted malware on their system, but will likely also get a little boost in their sex messaging susceptibility rating. If I was a sex robot and was prioritizing who to send messages to, people who clicked on sex robot links in the past are much more attractive.

Perhaps this sex robot isn’t so lazy after all…