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Running in Japan

I’m heading home today. I did and saw a lot in Japan. One thing I’m really happy I did in Japan was run.

A run around The Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Running in the morning was a great way to start my days and do a bit of drive-by sight-seeing. Not only did running make me feel less terrible about all the food and beer I was consuming, it let me get lost in a new place. Each morning, I’d pick a direction or landmark and run. If I saw something cool I’d take a break, snap a picture, and get back to it.

Sights to see! Zōjō-ji and Tokyo Tower

With 80+ miles (humblebrag) logged of running in Japan, here are some tips on running in Japan:

  • In Tokyo, run around parks or The Imperial Palace so you can avoid intersections where you may need to wait a while.
  • Avoid running inside parks because it’s usually not allowed.
  • Learn to bow while running. When running past police officers, I sometimes did a running bow and greeted them. I think they appreciated it.
  • Bring a camera! You probably are already using a running app to track your run so you already have a camera on you.
  • In Kyoto, the Kamo River cuts the city in half. The path along the river is great for running.
  • Bring a data-connected phone because you will likely get lost. Google Maps will make sure your 8 mile run doesn’t end 8 miles from where you’re staying!
  • If you’re running during rush hours, avoid major train stations and streets since they’ll be filled with people walking.
  • Don’t expect to set any records. I was stopping frequently to snap photos of all the nice scenes I was running past.
  • Tokyo is big. If you want to be somewhere centrally located, check out Akasaka. From there you have a lot of directions to branch out.
  • Stop by a French bakery in a train station after your run and deliciously undo your one hour run in five minutes!

Happy running wherever you are!