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Pro Bash Profiling

My Bash profile is critical to keeping me elite on the command-line. Keeping myself elite across multiple computers is also very easy with Dropbox (or your file syncing service du jour). Then I create a very, very simple .bash_profile that looks like this:

~ cat .bash_profile

source ~/Dropbox/Bash/

This grabs the contents of from a folder in my Dropbox and effectively puts it in the .bash_profile file. What does look like?

~ cat ~/Dropbox/Bash/ 

# Git Power Up!
source ~/Dropbox/Bash/

# Android
source ~/Dropbox/Bash/

# Evernote
source ~/Dropbox/Bash/

# The rest including everything and the kitchen sink...

I separate things out a little more to keep things modular and keep similar functionality together, which makes everything a little easier to both maintain and read.

I don’t update these files very often, but anytime I do, it’ll get synced automagically. The sad days of typing a new alias on a computer and seeing “command not found” are gone!

Came here looking for awesome Bash profile aliases? Check out Nate Landau’s extremely OP Bash profile for some excellent Bash profiling!

Happy Bash profiling!