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Useful Utilities - Paste Typer

Sometimes you just want to paste. And sometimes you can’t paste. Right-clicks are ignored. Command/Control + V is also ignored. Sadness ensues.

Off the top of my head, here are some of those annoying times you can’t just paste:

  • Entering passwords when creating and opening an encrypted disk image.
  • Websites that (stupidly) prevent you from pasting passwords.
  • Pasting text copied from outside a Genymotion emulator into the emulator.
  • Logging into certain apps like Google Drive on Mac while setting them up.

There are plenty of AppleScripts and applets that promise to simulate typing what’s on your clipboard to get around this issue. My favorite is Paste Typer. Download it, copy it to Applications folder and then drag it from there into the dock. Put your cursor where you want text pasted, click on the icon on your dock, and boom! The contents of your clipboard are pasted.

I always have a hard time finding a download link for Paste Typer when I want to download it, so here is a link to Paste Typer.

Now enjoy the freedom to never be denied your unalienable right to pasting.