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Madhouse is Killing Anime

Sometimes I start watching an anime series and it’s so good, I power through it in a few days. Overlord is the most recent anime to hook me so thoroughly I blasted through all 13 episodes in a weekend. While I could sing praises for Overlord, the very clear trend I only recently became aware of is the studio behind Overlord: Madhouse.

To say Madhouse has absolutely and consistently been killing it, producing top quality anime feels like an understatement. Take a look at the list of works by Madhouse and you’ll find anime that are, should be, or will soon be on your favorites list. This list includes gems like Death Note, No Game No Life, Death Parade, Parasyte, Monster, Hellsing Ultimate, Black Lagoon, Hunter x Hunter, and Trigun.

Need a new anime to watch? Take a somewhat unconventional route and start looking at the Madhouse productions you haven’t watched. Happy Madhousing!