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Useful Utilities - AppCleaner

Deleting Mac apps is pretty simple: drag the application into the Trash. But most apps leave behind some (or a lot) of preference files, caches, and launch daemon configurations. These leftovers don’t harm your system or impact system performance, but you don’t really need them either. There are a ton of uninstall utilities, but my favorite is AppCleaner because it’s free and powerful.

Sorry SourceTree... I like Tower a lot more!

One of the nicest things about AppCleaner is you can turn on SmartDelete from its Preference pane. SmartDelete detects when apps are deleted and automatically finds and offers to delete associated files. This is nice because you don’t have to remember to launch AppCleaner; it’ll automatically wake up when it realizes it’s needed.

If Spring cleaning for your Applications folder is around the corner, be sure to grab AppCleaner!