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Redesign! Jekyll 3 and Lanyon

When I first started this blog in 2013, I stringed it together with a very basic understanding of Jekyll, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and a bunch of other acronyms I don’t fully understand. Like any well-engineered system, I didn’t know all the internal details but naturally kept adding to the magnificence of this machination.

A few years on, I tried upgrading from Jekyll version 2 to 3 a few times and always ran into deal-breaking issues. Welp! As with any good stacak of technology, don’t upgrade it if it ain’t broke!

In early August I finally bit the bullet all the way and upgraded to Jekyll 3 and updated the theme of the blog to use the popular Lanyon theme. The upgrade to Jekyll 3 let me go back to simply publishing my blog by pushing new commits to GitHub and the Lanyon theme let me cut a large amount of bootstrapping files from my codebase.

There were a few issues to iron out along the way but now, the blog now feels leaner and meaner. It’s a little heavy but feel free to check out the commit that made this transition happen. I love commits with lots of red (i.e. removed code) that still let me keep all the original functionality!

Happy blogging!