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I'm Learning Chinese!

I’m a big fan of languages. Growing up in the USA the child of immigrants made me bilingual (Portuguese and English) from the get-go. I picked up Spanish in high school. One of my biggest regrets in college was dropping Japanese classes, but when I went to Japan in 2015 I picked up some rudimentary Japanese using Pimsleur audio lessons. And now, I’m happy to announce I just wrapped up my first semester of Chinese at the College of San Mateo!

For your enjoyment, here’s my final project: a poster that lets you learn a little about me!

Characters and tones are the tougher parts of the language, but the lack of verb conjugations is nice. Also stuff like sleep (shuìjiào, 睡覺) and dumplings (shuǐjiǎo, 水餃) being spelled very similarly is confounding, but it highlights how important tones are!

I start my next semester in a few weeks!