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Adeus Evernote, Olá Twitch!

After a wonderful two and half years working at Evernote I’m typing out GG and setting off on a new adventure! I truly loved working at Evernote. I love the product and my coworkers are friends more than colleagues. I’m super grateful for being a part of a team where I was able to hone and sharpen my Android knowledge and very grateful for being given the opportunity to work on some iOS features and even pick up some Swift along the way!

I am a huge fan of Twitch. Some may call it a dead game, but StarCraft 2 is, as Smule co-founder and Stanford Professor Dr. Ge Wang puts it, the “one true game.” Watching StarCraft on Twitch has become a part of my daily routine and Twitch is my go-to way to get my StarCraft fix. Recently, I went on a blind date (i.e. an interview) with some folks over at Twitch and turns out we like each other! So I’m super pumped to announce that I’ll be joining Twitch’s Android team! I’m excited to dive in and make Twitch on Android even better!