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Ditching the iPhone

After riding with the iPhone from the iPhone 3G to iPhone 6, I’m taking the leap and hopping over to Android: my Pixel is on the way!

Apple has absolutely nailed hardware, but continues to underdeliver on the software front. iCloud is pretty unusable. Siri is criminally unhelpful and yet has learned how to make annoying jokes. On the flipside, it has taken Google far too long to nail down great hardware, but they dominate when it comes to software. Google Photos is great and I was already using Google Photos on my iPhone because iCloud Photo Library sucks. Google Assistant has a great record understanding what I ask of it; whereas I was surprised when Siri understood my intention on the first try I am surprised when Google Assistant doesn’t work the first time.

I know there are things – like battery life – I’ll miss about the iPhone but I want my phone to take care of itself more. I think the Pixel will let me do my thing and it’ll handle all the busy work I don’t want to.