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Hello, Magic the Gathering!

One of the great things about working at Twitch is the vast and diverse pool of nerd culture to tap in. This week my teammates taught me how to play Magic the Gathering and I participated in my first Magic draft!

Unlike constructed play that requires you to build a deck ahead of time, during a Magic draft you build your deck together with others. Each person gets 3 booster packs. For this draft we used 2 Hour of Devastation boosters and 1 Amonkhet booster. Everyone opens a pack, picks a card, and passes the rest of their booster pack to the next person. Repeat this process until all boosters and all cards have been passed around.

Scarab God!

Picking the right cards is important as you’ll select a subset of the cards you draft to build a deck to play against others. Normally you pick the best card in the pack you open and build a deck around that. Lucky me, I had a Scarab God in my first booster! And even luckier, I had a coworker tell me to pick it. From there you try to pick cards of the same element, although I always recommend picking shiny cards because they are cool!

I’m hooked! And looking forward to more opportunities to pick shiny cards!