mark cerqueira well-rounded nerd

QA is a Puzzle

There are many ways to QA your product. Unit tests, automated/integration tests, and manual testing are the big ones. A common misconception is you only need one of these. If you’ve got two you feel like a champion. But QA is puzzle; to get it right you need all the pieces!

Delivering a quality product starts when changes are made and “ends, but never really ends” when your customers have your product happily in hand. Good QA tries to cover every step of this process and each method has its strengths. Unit tests can normally run quickly so they can run before any code is committed. Integration tests take a little longer but can be set up to run periodically and cover your major test cases across various devices. A human touch with manual testing can round out and fill in the gaps that will naturally be uncovered by other test methods.

Don’t settle for having a single plan-of-attack when it comes to QA. Instead, grow your QA strategy so that it helps you deliver a high quality product.