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Iconic Masters - Draft Report

We’ve been drafting Ixalan a lot lately at Twitch. To spice things up we did a Kaladesh + Aether Revolt draft last week and this week we threw down to do an Iconic Masters draft.

Drafting Iconic Masters was a ton of fun. I packed a Sheoldred, Whispering One so I did something pretty unconventional and kept picking cool black cards. When I didn’t see any good black cards I started splashing white because the heart of the cards told me to. Both colors must’ve been pretty open because I was passed a Blood Baron of Vizkopa and an Emeria Angela. Getting an Indulgent Tormenter towards the end of the draft strengthened my belief in the heart of the cards once again.

With these rare cards and my skill, there's no way I could lose!

The deck played great – naturally – if I could survive to get Indulgent Tormenter and then Sheoldred out. Getting more cards and having my opponent sacrifice their creatures every turn is pretty awesome! 😏

Iconic Masters was a really fun set to draft because it packs a ton of cool, beautiful cards. The price point ($30 versus the usual $7.50) pushes it out of the “every week draft” category but it’s certainly a special treat one should try at least once!