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Sponsor Showdown Results

Well, something highly unexpected just happened: I won the BaseTradeTV Sponsor Showdown!

I wasn’t very confident going in given I never 1v1 because I only play co-op, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. So I did what I do best in those matches: turtle up, hold off early aggression, and build the ultimate Skytoss army. I faced off against George and MissMagitek from Corsair and went to the rubber match in the finals against Jessie from Ting. In the end, a failed cannon rush and a proxy Void Ray rush won it for me!

In case you missed it you can watch the videos on Twitch:

Or if you prefer just watching short clips of the event here are some good ones:

It was very stressful but I put my faith in Skytoss and I had a fun time! GG!