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Introducing the Gentlemans Draft

Jeff, a fellow Android teammate, and I are excited to announce the creation of The Gentlemans Draft!

The Gentlemans [sic] Draft is a new, premier Magic the Gathering talk show that’s grounded in solving one of the most painful moments in a draft: you open a booster pack and there are a few cards you’d love to have. In a Gentlemans Draft we open a bunch of booster packs, talk about cards, and then – in gentlemen fashion – divide up the cards. Want all the rares and shinies in a pack? You got it!

As we’re on the eve of Rivals of Ixalan we’re planning to do a special pre-release show where we open up some pre-release boxes and talk through what kind of sealed deck we’d build. And on release day, January 19th, we’ll be opening an entire Rivals box!

Follow us on Twitch to watch our new shows live and follow us on YouTube to check out our past shows. GG!