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Amazing Mono-Green Dominaria Draft

A coworker of mine called up Wizards the day and asked them who the best drafter of all time was. He already knew the answer but the Wizards wizard would confirm it: “Mark Cerqueira.”

With my most recent draft of Dominaria a convergence of high skill and amazing fortune landed me with a pretty neat mono-green deck that made me truly worthy of the honor of greatest drafter of all time.

Here’s the finished deck that’s also viewable on MTG Goldfish.

I got very lucky with my three packs I opened because each contained great rare greens:

  • Pack 1 - Verdant Force
  • Pack 2 - Territorial Allosaurus
  • Pack 3 - Marwyn, the Nurturer

The Marwyn in the last pack (with the handful of elves I already had picked) really rounded out this deck well given it helped me ramp up more quickly into the more expensive cards at the end of my mana curve.

From there I have a nice selection of bigger bodies to bring out capped with TWO Verdant Forces to generate TWO Saprolings EVERY upkeep!