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Cooking with Oil Made Easy

After a recent weekend getaway to New Orleans, Tina and I returned beignet addicts. Fortunately it’s not too hard to make beignets especially since we brought back some boxes of beignet mix: add some water to the mix and deep fry the dough.

A large pan of oil over heat is something that should be respected. Not surprising, one can make their life a lot easier with a thermometer. I’m a fan of the Polder 362-90 Thermometer:

Pick the right oil – normally an oil that has a smoke point above what the recipe calls for – and then use the thermometer to steer clear of making the oil hit that temperature. From here working with the oil should be smooth and safe. So smooth that my first attempt at homemade beignets ended pretty successfully! 😀

To give these beignets a light and beautiful finish, throw some powdered sugar in tea infuser (in top right of picture) and gently tap the infuser over the beignets. Bon appétit!

P.S. Relevant hot take: Cafe Beignet on Royal Street makes the best beignets in all of New Orleans.