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Patreon - Solving JRPG Memory Loss

For JRPG fans, JRPG memory loss is a terrible affliction. Once you’ve played even a few it’s hard to keep the nuances of these oftentimes hundred hour sagas straight. Fortunately it’s 2018 so every problem can be solved if you happen to stumble upon the right place on the Internet.

In this case, the Patreon page of Oni Black Mage solved my woes. He produces a bunch of different videos but the ones I enjoy the most are the RECAPitation videos which provide in-depth recaps to story-heavy games. Sign me up!

I’ve been a patron of Oni Black Mage for a while now and it was finally my turn to pick the game for his next recap. He had already covered a bunch of my favorites but there was one gem that I felt needed to get some love: Skies of Arcadia. Originally launched on the Dreamcast and later on the Gamecube this game featured sky pirates, flying ship battles, and town building. In short: an amazing game… but I couldn’t really remember the story.

Oni Black Mage to the rescue!

Suffering from JRPG memory loss too? Check out Oni Black Mage on Patreon and YouTube.

Thanks, Oni Black Mage!