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Hung Up on the PlayStation Classic

Sony’s announcement today that it was joining Nintendo in making classic versions of its former consoles is exciting for those who never had a chance to explore the awesome games of that generation and exciting for those who are craving a nostalgia trip. Everyone’s a winner, right?

Wrong. I’m massively hung up on the PlayStation Classic because of the reveal video. On video start, I immediately muted the Apple-esque hipster music but little did I know the worst was yet to come. Within the next few seconds there was a transgression to common sense.

There is so much wrong in these few seconds. The size comparison text glitches in and starts at “99% smaller than the original PlayStation” and then works its way down to “45% smaller than the original PlayStation.” Imagine walking into a store and someone tells you everything is 99% off but when you get to the register everything is only 45% off. That’s a raw deal: you don’t show someone a more impressive number and then lower it right in front of them. This is a reveal video, not New Year’s; not everything should count down.

If that’s not enough, the size of the PlayStation Classic inside the original PlayStation is going from physically bigger (0% smaller compared to the original) to physically smaller (45% smaller compared to the original). This is the inverse of the non-sensical countdown above.

Me after watching this reveal video: 😵.