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Vicious and Vengeful - Villains

The next book in my reading journey once again comes courtesy of the Goodreads Choice Awards of 2018. Vengeful by V.E. Schwab won in the Science Fiction category and given it was a sequel to Vicious I read both of them.

I enjoyed reading both books. The anti-hero superhero theme gave both books a very fresh starting point. Here there are no heroes or singular villain but rather people - some ExtraOrdinary - doing what they feel is right and others taking serious issue with their interpretation. While Vengeful picks up where Vicious left off and generally wraps up the story, I found the opening act - Vicious - to be a more enjoyable read. Vengeful introduced a lot more characters and story arcs to follow that made it a bit more difficult to track.

Vicious hooked me but there were times where I didn’t feel bad putting Vengeful down. If you’re into superhero stuff but want to spice things up a bit you should check out these two books. If Vicious hooks you, definitely pick up Vengeful.