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Grandia HD Collection Finally, Finally, Finally Has a Release Date

After months of teasers and announcements of everything except a release date, GungHo finally delivered on giving us a release date for the Grandia HD Collection: 10 days from today on August 16th! This collection releasing on the Switch and PC includes Grandia and Grandia II.

This is an easy must-buy for me especially since it’s coming to the Switch. Grandia II is one of my favorite JRPGs: the story, the characters, the music, the battle system, the creepy laughs during that one battle, Sky Dragon Slash - it’s all so good! Playing through the original Grandia has also been on my todo list for a while so I’m looking forward to diving into it next Friday.

If you’re looking for a great JRPG experience to sink your teeth into, I cannot recommend Grandia enough!

P.S. Speaking of great JRPGs that were on the Dreamcast, can we please get Skies of Arcadia again!?