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This is Not a Drill - Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is Coming Sooner Than We Expected!

For every recent Nintendo Direct I would proclaim that it was finally time for both a remaster of Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to be announced. On February 9th I finally (somewhat) stopped being wrong and we got an announcement trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with a release window of September 2022!

Today - and this is not a joke - we received another trailer which announced a firm release date of July 29th! I am floored. The amazing release date moving up news aside the meat of the trailer itself has me even more hyped to get my hands on what I hope is another strong entry in the Xenoblade series. The Interlink system which allows two characters to fuse into a robot-being looks awesome. One of the big baddies - Mr. “It’s a Wild Ride, This Passage of Fate” - has me hungry to learn dig into the story. There is also a brief peek of a mech vs. mech fight which has me hoping this new entry leans more in the mech-heavy direction of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

I cannot wait for July 29th! If you haven’t checked out the Xenoblade Chronicles series yet, grab a Nintendo Switch and you’ll be able to play Xenoblade Chronicles 1, 2, and soon 3 on it! It is a fantastic JRPG series and has been pulling new players into the genre given its rising popularity and approachability. While I am beyond excited for this new game I still cling to hope that Monolith Soft will make the Nintendo Switch the one true home for the Xenoblade series and port Xenoblade Chronicles X to it; it’s an amazing open-world game that was only released on the Wii U and would reach so many more people if it was on the Switch.

Onwards to July!