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Trails of Cold Steel 2

A few weeks ago I wrapped up playing the awesome Trails of Cold Steel. Fortunately for me the sequel came out a few days later. I’m deep into Trails of Cold Steel 2 and man… what a game! The first entry spent a lot of time building out the world and characters and the sequel is capitalizing on all that groundwork. Nihon Falcom did an outstanding job creating an entire cast of extremely likable and unique characters.

The dream team is back!

Reviews of Trails of Cold Steel 2 say this entry wraps up most of the many loose ends from the first entry which is something I’m really excited about. Everything great from the first game is still here with a few tweaks to make the experience fresh and new. Also, the music is still freaking amazing! If you’re still on the fence, there are giant Gundam robots!


If you’re looking for a solid JRPG experience now is a great time to drop into the Trails of Cold Steel series.