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Ask For and Take Feedback Like Octopath Traveler

We could all learn a thing about great feedback loops from the developers of the oddly-named Octopath Traveler. The team put out a demo in September, asked for feedback over the holidays, and just released a video detailing some feedback they got and the steps they are taking to address said feedback.

The majority of the items addressed could be seen as minor quality-of-life tweaks. But it’s fixing all these small papercuts that let a great game be perceived as the great game it is instead of a great game marred with small annoyances. For example, I loved Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but found there were several quality-of-life issues affecting the overall experience of the game.

So I tip my hat to the Octopath developers for asking for feedback and more importantly, sifting through it and addressing things. Their 1.0 release will be even better for it and I’m very much looking forward to more classic JRPG goodness on my Switch!